Frequently Asked Questions:

Setting up initial consultation and appointments

Appointments can be scheduled by email or phone. I am often not immediately available by telephone. When I am unavailable, my telephone is answered by voicemail that I monitor frequently. I will make every effort to return your call on the same day you make it, with the exception of weekends or holidays. It is often helpful to inform me of some times that you will be available, particularly if it is difficult to reach you due to schedules, work situations, etc.

Payment and Costs for Services

Payments accepted include cash, check, credit card and pay pal. You can also utilize your flex spending account/health savings account. Full payment for services is expected at the time the services are provided. My fees range from $80-110 for a 50 minute individual session and $140-165 for a 80 minute couples or family session. I do offer a sliding fee scale for clients that meet my criteria, and fees start at $60 for a 50 minute individual session and $75 an 80 minute couples or family, and increase depending on an individual, couple or family’s ability to pay. The reason I do not accept insurance or Medicaid is that insurance companies and Medicaid require that I make a mental health diagnosis in order to bill. This diagnosis enters your permanent health record. Many clients do not wish to have their mental health information made part of their permanent health record. Additionally, many insurance plans and Medicaid do not cover issues related to marriage, family and couples counseling. Nationally, there is a movement among the counseling, medical and dental fields to provide services for cash and credit only. The results of operating a cash/credit practice are more quality time with clients, more time to see clients and no outside interference from third-party entities dictating a clients level of services and time-frames for services.

Canceling an appointment

If you need to cancel an appointment, at least 24-hours advanced notice is required. If this notice is not provided,  you will be responsible for the full cost of the session. It is important to recognize that this appointment time was reserved for you. Please understand and respect this policy.

Office Location 

95 Allens Creek Road

Building 2, Suite 324

Rochester, NY 14618      

For more information about the practice and policies, please see the Consent to Treatment form.